How it WorksEdit

Created from the strings of a marionette owned by Collodi, it increases muscle control and dexterity giving the disabled the ability to walk, provided they keep the bracelet on.

However there is a high trade off for this gift. The bracelet enhances the malevolence inside a person's soul, planting what Mrs. Frederic calls a "seed of darkness" inside a person if not removed quickly enough. A sign of this malevolence is the pupils expanding to consume the iris, giving a person black eyes, from time to time. This continues even after the bracelet has been separated from a person. Jane also claims that the bracelet robs the person of their ability to feel love and accept love in return.

The artifact also developed a bifurcated artifact like bond with someone who has worn it too long. Sykes claimed that for as long as he can remember the artifact has been calling out to him since it was seperated from him.


Carlo Collodi was the author of the original story of Pinocchio. However, unlike the familiar Disney version of the story, Collodi's story was darker and more cynical, as Collodi was, according to Artie, "a bitter satirist." The bracelet probably absorbed Collodi's emotions (as artifacts are known to do), thus causing anyone who wears it to become as wicked as he was.