The Goblet of Severan is a crystal glass which produces a literally deafening sonic wave when a user trails the tip of a finger around its rim. Also,if the glass is broken it creates just as powerful of a sound wave.

The Goblet was created by a Roman glass blower in 221 for the emperor Elagabalus, who was incompetent and required assistance in order to quiet a room.

James MacPherson gave a Goblet to a client as a gift. The fact that MacPherson possessed a Goblet of Severan led Artie to speculate that the Goblet had been one of a pair since, a Goblet of Severan was contained within the Warehouse. The question of whether the Goblet is or is not a one of a pair has not been answered

The Goblet of Severan was shattered by Pete, during the raid on Freitag Tool and Die, the pieces were subsequently retrieved by Pete.

Real World ConnectionsEdit

This artifact is probably inspired by crystal glasses which make a distinct sound a when running a moistened or chalked finger around the rim of the glass. The glasses can be tuned to a different pitch, either by grinding each goblet to the specified pitch, in which case the tuning is permanent, or by filling the glass with water until the desired pitch is achieved.

A glass harp is a instrument made of upright crystal wine glasses.