A wallet belonging to Harry Houdini is kept at Warehouse 13.

The Wallet was acquired on 3 November 1926 by Agent Pocklinton, and possesses the properties of "charonic transfer." The Wallet has a habit of trying to escape storage and temporarily succeeded in 2009 when agent Myka Bering was assigned to the Warehouse; the item was found under Myka's bed at the Bed and Breakfast by Leena, and returned to Arthur Nielsen for restorage.

This artifact, and a few others like it, have caused Artie to request screens for the shelves every year for a decade. The label near the wallet reads:
Wallet Info
Item #875663092: Wallet
Owner: Eric Weiss a.k.a. Harry Houdini
Attributes: Charonic Transfer
Acquisition: November 3, 1926
Agent: Pocklinton, S. Code: 2139-5
Shelf: L-27
Block DX4-119

How it WorksEdit

The wallet causes "ghosts" to haunt a person. Before Houdini died, he made a pact with his wife, Bess, that if he could, he would return and give her a message from the other side (a coded message only the two knew). For 10 years after he died Bess held seances, waiting for him to return. Once the 10 years passed, she gave it up after no contact from him.

The wallet is currently stored away but jumped into Myka's bag and brought back Sam to haunt her (as far as she was concerned). The artifact apparently developed an interest in Myka and even after it was stored back in Warehouse it continued to bother her with visions of Sam. It is possible her unresolved issues over Sam's death were what drew it to Myka in the first place.

Real World ConnectionsEdit

Harry Houdini's will specified that all of his props and effects be burned upon the death of his brother. His brother, however, sold the majority of the effects at auction in 2004. The wallet was clearly obtained far prior to that time. Houdini died on 31 October 1926 in Detroit, Michigan. According to the label on the warehouse shelf, the wallet was acquired a mere three days after Houdini's passing.

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