Ice flower exploded

An ice flower firework is a low explosive pyrotechnic device used to temporarily mesmerize viewers.


Little is known about ice flower fireworks other than that they are very rare, with only a few remaining in existence, and they were created in 14th century China.

How it WorksEdit

The pyrotechnic material is housed in a paper or pasteboard tube or casing filled with the combustible material. Once lit, the aerial shell rises to a height of about a two-storey house, at which point it explodes in a spinning, multi-colored pattern that hovers. The light pattern triggers a feedback loop in the optic nerve that mesmerizes the viewer for approximately 10 minutes, so they can't take their eyes off it as long as it's still burning. The viewer suffers short term memory loss. Artie, Pete, and Myca wore special goggles in order not to be affected.

Real World ConnectionsEdit

800px-San miguel3 036

A catherine-wheel-styled firework in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on Christmas day.

The ice flower strongly resembles a "Catherine wheel" style of firework, but without the standard frame mounting that keep these displays close to the ground. Several cultures in the modern world retain stories of colored lights being used to mesmerize. See for reference the legends surrounding the Native American Indian god, Kokopelli.

Extra InfoEdit

  • Lights which cause memory loss were mentioned in Resonance, perhaps a reference to the Ice Flower.

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