A camera once owned by artist and 'avant-garde' photographer Emmanuel Radnitzky, a.k.a. Man Ray. When in Man Ray's possession, the camera could create wonderful lifelike pictures as a result of capturing small fragments of people and putting them in pictures. It was only after Man Ray's death that the camera became dangerous.


When used normally, the camera appears harmless. However, the camera actively captures the youth of whoever is photographed with it. When a photograph of one person has been 'double-exposed' over a photo of another person, youth is transferred from the first person to the second. The first person ages very rapidly over the course of a very brief period until they die of extreme old age. The only telling sign, besides the rapid aging, is that the victim is found with particles of silver nitrate in the blood, a chemical which dissolves out of developed photograph paper.

Real-World ConnectionsEdit

Man Ray is mostly known for his fashion photography, but was also deeply involved in surrealist painting and other artistic endeavors. During the Dada, or 'anti-art movement', he developed unique mechanical and photographic methods for creating images.

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