Max Wertheimer's Zoetrope has mind transference properties. The zoetrope makes the moving image of 2 people dancing.


Hugo Miller used the zoetrope when he built the AI for Warehouse 13 . He hooked the zoetrope up to the computer system and attempted to imprint himself on the computer. He only partially-succeeded, in that the right half of his brain made the transfer. The Warehouse agents reversed the process, bringing the physical Hugo back together with the virtual Hugo.

Inventory Number: 06519893474741110

Provenance: Wertheimer Institute.

Attributes: Allow for mind transference.

Handling: Level 4 protective shielding.

Acquisition: July 1914


When the zoetrope spins clockwise, the mind of a person viewing the moving picture downloads into the zoetrope. A second person can then view the memories, or reverse the process by spinning the zoetrope counter-clockwise. It can also cause 2 people to switch minds.

Real World ConnectionsEdit

Max Wertheimer is considered one of the founders of modern psychology. Apocryphally, it's told that Wertheimer made his first studies using a motion picture toy called a zoetrope.

April 15, 1880 – October 12, 1943

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