This page contains an official policy relating to the Warehouse 14 Roleplay Wiki.

It should be followed by all editors.


Always remember to sign messages you leave on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~) This lets readers know who said what and makes discussions easier to follow.

In general, you should only sign your own posts, but if you see a post which someone has left unsigned, then you may add the code "{{Unsigned|User|Time}}" to the end of that post. Find the name of the user and the time at which they posted the message by viewing the page's history.


Now, I realise that must user's simply use the same signature for all wiki's, and some wiki's may have different policies regarding what is ok and what is not ok within a signature. I only ask a few things be considered when using signatures on this wiki:

  1. That the signature does not contain anything overly insulting or graphic
  2. If a graphic is used, it is not so large that it takes up more space than is reasonable
  3. That the signature contain a link to either your user page, or talk page, or both.

Creating a custom signatureEdit

Basic methodEdit

  1. Go to your preferences page.
  2. Add HTML or wiki markup to the signature field to create the look you want.
  3. Check the "custom signature" box directly below the signature field.
  4. Click the "save" button.

Advanced methodEdit

  1. Create a template page in your userspace. The title of this page should be based on your username, so if you are User:Example, your template page would be User:Example/sig.
  2. Add HTML or wiki markup to your template page to create the look you want.
  3. Go to your preferences page.
  4. Enter the code "{{SUBST:User:Yourname/sig}}" in the signature field.
  5. Check the "custom signature" box directly below the signature field.
  6. Click the "save" button.

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